Getting Started

There is no minimum to participate. Groups and individuals are welcomed. You will be given both options to choose from when you select an event. There are benefits to promoting a group with Soul Nation Events. The ability to Make Money & Travel Free are possible on most events.

Group Promoting

You will be under no obligation or guarantee of any kind if you choose to promote a group. And there is no minimum requirement. If you book, you will only be expected to share the free event information you will be receiving from us. And if there is interest, you will need to forward collected payments from passengers who sign up and maintain the list of participants. Credit card processing has made this much easier.

To become a group leader, select the event you wish to promote and choose Get More Info or call (215) 504-4000. Our experienced group coordinator team is ready to help get you started.

There two main benefits to promoting with Soul Nation Events. First, you can make money on every one who goes on your trip. Most group leaders will add $10 – $20 onto our prices for fund raising purposes. In addition, you can earn free trips when you meet certain group participation numbers depending on the event type. Usually, you can travel free for a group of 22 paid on weekends and 15 paid on day trips. There many special promotions, too. See tour event for what is being offered.

Also, we provide free full-color online and hard copy flyers / promoter cards.

Once you request to promote a group, an experienced representative will contact you and help support you throughout the process.

It’s easy. Simply request More Info in any of our event pages or call Soul Nation Events at (215) 504-4000. Experienced professionals are ready to assist you in selecting the right event, and they will guide you throughout the process of organizing your group.

If your group size does not fill the bus, your promoter has the option to buy out the empty seats, or be mixed with other groups. There are so many groups attending our events that we almost always have convenient pickups in route to your assigned destination. Pickup times may be changed to accommodate the newly revised travel schedule.

Also, your group discounted rates are guaranteed when sharing a bus.

Individuals Small Groups

Yes, we have made it easy for anyone to sign up for our events. On tours that include transportation and or overnight hotel accommodations, we have designated certain properties and convenient bus pickup locations for you to choose from. Once selected, all other things regarding the event package are included.
No, individual and small group rates are the same as the posted rates. As a way to lock in discounted group rates that are posted, anyone is welcome to promote a group.
It’s easy. Select an event you are interested in attending. There you will be given the option to choose a convenient pickup location and Book Your Trip and the bottom of the event page.

Making Payments

You can make online payments by selecting the orange Make Payment button at the top of our Event pages. You will then be given the option to Book Your Event in a few easy steps. Select your tour, and then follow the simple steps to complete your payment. That’s it, you’re done!

Please note that we do not accept any 3rd party payments for events. Also, Group Leaders cannot make payments on behalf of other guests.

Payments can be mailed to the address listed below. You will need to include the name of the person you are paying for, and the amount for each guest it represents. Personal checks are only accepted up to 30 days prior to your departure. Any payments being made within 30 days of departure MUST be in the form of a money order or by western union.

Soul Nation Events

Attn: Payment Processing

407 Executive Drive

Langhorne, PA 19047

To use Bill Pay or Pay a Bill service, follow these easy steps:

1. Call 800-325-6000 to find a Western Union Agent location near you, or visit website.

2. At the agent location, fill out the Western Union form completely, including the following information:

Select option: “I WANT TO – PAY A BILL”
Pay To: Company Name (or Code City) “SOUL NATION EVENTS” (or “SOULNATIONEVENTS”)
State: “PA”
Account Number: enter “TRIPCODE” for groups or “INDIV” for individuals
Speed: select “URGENT” which equals sameday delivery of funds

NOTE: You must have photo ID when sending a WU cash payment from a WU location.

To use the Western Union Bill Pay online service from your computer, follow the link and special instructions below:

3. This cash transaction has a fee and your payment will be sent within minutes!

Online payments are always supported with an email confirming receipt of monies paid. Check your email for confirmation. THERE IS NO NEED TO CALL THE OFFICE.

Also, any payments made by a group promoter on your behalf is processed as soon as it is received in our office. Notification of receipt is immediately sent to the group leader. You will need to check with them for verification of such payments.

Balances, due 30 days prior to departure, can be paid via check, money order, western union. You can pay your balance online as well. Just select the Pay Toward Balance option and enter the amount due. Remember, do not include any service charges from previous online payments as monies paid when

Make a balance payment now at

General Tour Questions

Not all hotels offer an indoor pool amenity. We try to find and use properties that do have a pool, but there are times when we will decide to use a 1st class full service hotel that can accommodate our groups nicely. Please check your flyer to find what hotel you are scheduled for and check their website for property amenities.
Available activities vary from event to event. In most cases, an overnight tour will offer some kind of activity. These activities are not included and will require additional monies from the customer, if they wish to participate. Sign-ups for these activities are made at the Activities Desk in the hotel. Prices vary depending upon the chosen activity. Please note that it is possible that a certain number of people may be required to run a particular activity due to the need to schedule buses to support transportation needs.
Some guests choose to drive on their own instead of the scheduled transportation. This is allowed, but we do not offer any reduction in tour pricing, should you choose to do so. Buses are used throughout the event for daily activities and transfers to and from the concert. We still need to have enough seats available to accommodate everyone for these events, even if they drive themselves.

If your group size is comprised of 20 people or less, then your time and/or location is subject to change. Please check with your group leader for exact departure time and location.

Please note the following: Group leaders are always offered the option to buy out the remaining bus seats to avoid being mixed with another group. Similar to the airlines, there are numerous uncontrollable variables that can affect departure times and transfers such as traffic, weather, or the need for multiple pickups in route. Despite these variables, we have a 95 percent on-time hotel arrival rating.

Every room comes with either one bed or two beds. There are a limited amount of two-bedded rooms at each hotel. As a result, group leaders can only request 50 percent (half of their rooms) as two-bedded room types. These are usually reserved for the triple and quad occupancy rooms needed, and then on a first come, first serve basis. You will need to check with your group leader to confirm.

Some properties have pull out sofas in their single bedded rooms that can be used as two beds, and roll-away cots are also an option upon request.

If we do not receive the needed information or final payment from your group leader by the stated deadline, it makes it impossible for us to confirm your group’s hotel. Once a “late” final payment is received, we offer the hotels that have space available, and the group leader can accept this location for their group, or choose to receive a refund. Refunds in this instance will incur late fees. While this situation is possible, it rarely ever occurs. Over 95 percent of our groups end up going to their original location.

Winter Weekends: The standard departing time from the hotel is between 4:30 PM – 5:00PM. That is following a 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM dinner.

Crab Feast Weekends: The standard departing time from the hotel is 12 noon. Please note that there may be an en-route activty stop scheduled on your way home. Check your itinerary for more information.

Most hotel properties do not provide refrigerators or microwaves. Please plan accordingly.
On most events, we work with hotels within one hour drive time or less. However, given the demand for these affordable all-inclusive tours, there are times the transfers to and from the concert may be longer from a hotel.

Late night food is not included as part of any tour package. All hotels are full service properties and there is a good chance they will be offering something for purchase from them.

Also, hotels are usually located close to nearby food delivery services. Please check with the hotel front desk for available vendors.


For any other questions, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 215-504-4000