The following is a list of acceptable methods of payment.

A. Money Order
B. Check (not accepted after 30 days prior to trip)
C. Cashier’s Check (from the bank)
D. Western Union Bill Pay

If paying at a Western Union location, you will need the following information to fill out the form properly:

Select option:  “I WANT TO – PAY A BILL”
Pay To:  Company Name (or Code City) “SOUL NATION EVENTS” (or “SOULNATIONEVENTSPA”)
Account Number: enter “TRIPCODE” for groups or “INDIV” for individuals
Speed: select “URGENT” which equals sameday delivery of funds

NOTE: You must have photo ID when sending a WU cash payment from a WU location.  The cost of the transaction is determined by the amount you are sending. Fee amounts are provided when you begin processing your payment.

You can use the Western Union Bill Pay service right from your computer, follow this link below and see special instructions:

When using online payments, use the following information.
Pay To:  Company Name (or Code City) Soul  Nation  Events (or  “SOULNATIONEVENTSPA“)
Account Number: enter “TRIPCODE” for groups or “INDIV” for individuals

When mailing a payment be sure to include your Tripcode (groups only), your name and phone number with a note stating who you are paying for.

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