Organizing and hosting events is one of the most effective ways to promote and grow your community. From networking to building relationships, group events give everyone the opportunity to explore, learn and even enjoy time out together.

As the #1 Urban Events Promotion and Tour company on the East Coast, we understand that planning an event and getaway can be time consuming, costly and overwhelming. It is our mission to simplify group travel for organizers by providing all-inclusive packages to the hottest concerts, tours and events from Boston to North Carolina and from Pittsburgh to the east coast.

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What To Expect As An Organizer With Us

When you choose to become an organizer with Soul Nation Events (SNE) you’ll find the process headache free, simple and straightforward as we handle everything from hotel stays to meals and transportation. Here’s how to get started organizing an event with us.  

Select your event.

One of the biggest challenges of planning an event is determining the type of event your group would enjoy the most.

If this is your first time organizing an event with us we highly recommend selecting a single event, getaway or tour to present to your group. Limiting options gives you confidence and helps you maintain order as you plan and prepare for the big day. Presenting more than one group event to a group can be overwhelming and create a bit of chaos. However, when presenting a single event to your group, you’ll gain the trust of your group quickly and create natural excitement and unity.

Each of our event packages include a wide range of outings and entertainment to meet the preferences of many. Our packages and tours often include at least three of the following:  

  • Live Concerts
  • Museum Tours
  • Transportation
  • DJ Dance Parties
  • Comedy Shows
  • All-You-Can-Eat Meals
  • Premium Open Bars
  • Weekend Getaways
  • Seafood and Crab Feast
  • One Night Stays
  • Express Party Bus
  • Shopping Trips


Pick a date.

In general, our events are available on pre-selected dates. Choosing the right date for your group will depend on a variety of factors and your groups primary availability. To choose the right date for your group consider the location of the pickup. Most events are within 3 hours drive from the groups pick up point with a maximum drive time of up to 6- 7 hours.

Alternatively, you’ll need to give your group time to plan for the trip. Overnight getaways typically require up to 4 to 7 months of advanced planning. For day trips we recommend 2 to 3 months of advanced planning.

Recruit your group.

The most exciting part of planning a group event is recruiting your group! Determining who will participate in your group largely depends on your goals as an organizer. Smaller groups of up to 10 people will enjoy savings and are best suited for close friends and family. Medium groups of up to 22 people will give you a free trip as well as the opportunity to earn up to $200 per event and select your bus pickup point. Large groups of more than 23 people enjoy more savings and often secure a few more exciting bonuses.

 You can build your group through various ways including word of mouth among your friends, family and neighbors or even hit the streets with our free flyers. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram and MeetUps are some of the best and most convenient ways to build groups with similar interests. Your workplace and your child’s school or sporting events are also great ways to recruit for your group. Other great places to recruit include church, local festivals, sports tournaments, local bulletin boards, and community events.


 Secure the event.

As a Soul Nation Event organizer you can organize a group with no obligation or commitment. You will only secure the event once your group members make a commitment with their deposit so you’ll assume no risk. To ensure your group members stay together and receive the maximum number of savings throughout the event, you’ll reserve your spots with your group’s deposit. 

As the group’s organizer you’ll help ensure all deposits and payments are complete prior to the event. Our experienced event planners will provide you with a payment schedule to help you manage the payment process effortlessly and give you peace of mind.

Plan, prepare and connect.

Your event date will arrive quickly. One of the easiest ways to keep your group on track and engaged is to consistently connect with them. How you decide to keep your group connected largely depends on what is most convenient for you. For example, if you rarely check your email, you may want to consider starting a Facebook group or chat on GroupMe.


As your group plans and prepares for the big day send reminders and helpful travel tips. Share pictures of how you are preparing for the trip and ask them to do the same in the group. If you successfully connect with your group regularly and help them prepare for the trip, you’ll gain their trust and they’ll be more willing to participate in other events you may decide to organize in the future.


Get Started

As you consider becoming an organizer for a Soul Nation event it is important to remember that you’re never alone. Our experienced event planners are with you every step of the way and ready to help you plan your event, coordinate payments, and more whenever you need a helping hand.


As a premier event planning company we know exactly what it takes to pull together an unforgettable event for groups successfully. By handling the intricate details of your event such as transportation, meals, entertainment and hotel accommodations, we aim to make planning group trips fun, easy, straightforward and most importantly, affordable.


Contact one of our experienced event planners today at (215) 504-4000 or request more information to start planning your group event with us. Already have your flyers? Download out our free Event Promoter Tool Kit here.