As the new normal involving face masks and social distancing settles in, it can be a challenge to find laughs and connections during these unprecedented times.

At Soul Nation Events we understand this plight more than anyone, because our entire business is built socializing and hosting memories that last a lifetime. While we can’t wait to get the party started and help you coordinate great trips with family and friends again soon, we thought we’d meet you halfway and introduce you to some of the top comedians that are using social media to keep us laughing as we stay tucked away during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Everyday Smiles

Known for using everyday interactions that happen at work or at home, these comedians bring full on belly laughs that will keep you smiling throughout the day.

Ejspeaks – @mrs_ejspeaks

Ejspeaks has an audience and fan base that includes D.L. Hughley, Tamela Mann, Lalah Hathaway, Alyson Fouse, Yvonne Orij, and more than 1 million followers across social media platforms. Her work is real, relatable, and downright cray cray.

Her videos and work have been featured on The Rickey Smiley Show, RightThisMinute TV, Buzzfeed TV, and many others. Born and raised in Arkansa, Ej is also a self-published author and an ambassador for Sheena’s Hair Emporium. Though Ej holds a degree in Criminal Justice and Business, she prefers to make people laugh and offers candid marriage advice on her YouTube channel alongside her husband.

Tony Baker – @tonybaker

Tony Baker hails from Chicago and has been on the comedy scene for more than a decade. His unique humor and style have captured the loyalty of more than 2 million fans across social media platforms. From realistic voice-overs for viral animal videos to crafting some of the most popular phrases used by all generations, Tony Baker fosters laughter that is straight, clean, and sometimes downright offensive.

His comedic skills have also led him to the big screen and to make appearances in a handful of television shows including NBC’s The Last Comic Standing, Whiplash, HBO’s All Def Comedy, and The Carmichael Show. Tony Baker’s very own comedy special “Scaredy Cat” aired in 2018 on iTunes and GoodPlay.

Chocolate Sundaes – @chocolatessundaes

Chocolate Sundaes is an entertainment brand that hosts the hottest comedians in Hollywood, at the world famous Laugh Factory on the famous Sunset strip in Los Angeles. The show focuses on creating an experience that is epic and reliably hilarious by featuring seasoned veteran comedians alongside up-and-coming comedians.

The show is a mainstay for comedy lovers because the audience and followers never know who will take the stage. The show has hosted recent performers such as Kevin Hart, Katt Williams, Ali Wong, and many others. Recently, the venue has gone virtual, so you can get your chocolate sundae right in the comfort of your own home.

Clean and Crazy Comedy

Sometimes you just need a good ‘ol laugh that the kids can listen to as well. That’s why we’ve compiled this short list of comedians that keep it clean and safe for the entire family to enjoy.

Kevin Fredericks – @kevonstage

Kevin Fredericks, aka Kev, is known as a content creator, teacher, influencer, and more. His comedic talents and styles are relatable and most impressively — reachable. Kev has been featured in national television campaigns for Spectrum, developed a Masterclass, and has an impressive support system with several hundred Patreons supporting his efforts to create a studio that focuses and promotes clean comedy world wide while helping to launch other comedians.

Kev hosted and produced, The Real Comedians of Social Media, twice and sold out both tours. He also partners with his wife, Melissa, in the podcast The Love Hour and runs a full merchandise company as well.

Nick Banks – @mr_bankshot

Nick Banks is an Ohio University alumni and has a degree in communication studies. After he graduated college he decided to share his versatile, honest, and energetic comedic talents on Instagram and Facebook. His popularity took off quickly and he now has more than 2 million followers and fans across platforms.
Nick has performed and hosted more than 100 events across the United States for universities, colleges, and conferences. He has also been headlining on the RJE Tour since 2015. In the near future Nick is looking forward to hosting his own comedy show and staring in his own sitcom.

Slapstick Silliness  

Enjoying creative humor, parodies, and silly comedy skits are always a great way to spend an evening. These comedians keep things light, silly, and  may inappropriate for young children.

Kelz Washington – @kelz

Kelz Washington is a unique comedian that began on the social media app, Vine. Since Vine Kelz has conquered TikTok and is forging a solid path on other platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. With more than 3 million followers across platforms his comedic style is not only highly sought after, but thoroughly entertaining to the masses.

Born and raised in Florida, prior to his social media fame, Kelz was a former cashier at a party store when he decided to explore and put his comedic skills to the test. He quickly became known for his parodies and sketch comedy videos that are candid, silly, and outrageous.

Kway Rogers – @blameitonkway

Kway Rogers is better known as the world famous “TiTi”. Kway began his career on Instagram and won comedy fans over with his impersonation of Tyra Banks and her “bring it down 3 more notches”. Since he’s gone viral Kway has landed several deals including being invited as TiTi to Dubai’s Fashion Week.

Following his role in Tyler Perry’s Medea’s Farewell Play, he opened up a chain of sea food restaurants named Krab Queenz, with a mission to bring southern inspired sea food to the west coast.


Some Local Favorites 

Mike Brooks – @mikebrookscomedy

Mike Brooks is a comedian, actor, and writer behind the popular YouTube parody series, The Real Housewives of Benning RD. He is also the writer behind the YouTube series Circle of Love. His comedic style is over the top and has captured audiences and fans for more than 10 years.

Joathon Gates  – @JonathonGates

Started off as a opening act for HBO DEF Comedy Jam at the  Rolls club in Boston 1990.  His  TV credits include an appearance for Martin Lawrence 1st Amendment on Starz and has performed on BET COMIC VIEW 5 times. Right now he is the process of filming a Comedy special. He is also the writer behind the YouTube series Circle of Love. His comedic style is over the top and has captured audiences and fans for more than 10 years.


Trending Celebrity Comedians

These comedy celebrities have stood the test of time. Before social media, these talented celebrities became household names by leveraging their talent and playing their cards right.

Will Smith – @willsmith

Will Smith has been a household name since the late 1980s and he just keeps getting better. When he joined Instagram in December 2017, everything changed. Comedy became more relatable and everyday people were being featured and acknowledged by the star. Shortly after joining Instagram the star took to YouTube to create a series that follows him on his journey to complete his bucket list.

Since his beginning days rapping as part of a duo with DJ Jazzy Jeff and staring in the popular television sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire, Will Smith is certainly a reliable source of entertainment and laughs the entire family can enjoy.

Kevin Hart – @kevinhart4real

Kevin Hart is a stand up comedian that entered the scene in 2001, when he secured a recurring role in Undeclared his path to stardom was sure. Additionally, to launch his career Kevin has won several amateur comedy competitions as well. Kevin has also been a host on HQ Trivia, the 2011 BET Awards and the 2016 MTV Music Awards.

Let’s Laugh Out Loud Together Again Soon

Good times, laughter, and friends are always the best ways to face any challenging circumstance. As you stay tucked away during the COVID-19 pandemic don’t forget to plan ahead and think about what’s to come. We certainly haven’t stopped planning and we can’t wait to start laughing out loud with you again.

We want to hear from you, tell us what you think of our list. Who do you think should be added?