for Tour Staff Members

Refer a New Organizer: refer a person to SNE and earn $10 per guest
that travels on the new organizers first trip with SNE!  Give them a Referral Card with your name on it or have them sign up on the Staff Refferal web form.
*Qualifications: New Organizer can’t be in SNE existing database.  Staff member referring the new organizer will earn $10 for each paid guest who succesfully travels on the new organizers first trip only, not on any subsequent trips.

Refer a New Staff Member: refer a person to SNE as a new staff member & earn $50 
when they complete 5 trips in a year!  Simply notify the SNE Staff Coordinator at the staff training by introducing the person and make a note on application. 
*Qualifications: New Staff member can’t be in SNE existing database.  New staff member must successfully complete 5 trips as staff within a 12 month period beginning from the date the new member completes SNE staff training.  Not valid for referrals prior to 2018. 

REquest some referral cards 

from Tour managers on the weekend or email [email protected]

Referral Card Front

Referral Card Back


1. Attend a training event
2. Complete staff application
3. Buy staff uniform
4. Tell us when you are available

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