Staff FAQ

Tour Staff Frequently Asked Questions

What responsibilities do I have throughout the weekend?
You meet and greet the Group Leader (VIP) and passengers at their selected bus pick up location on Friday afternoon/early evening. Check everyone onto the bus and verify people boarding against the ELG list. Travel on the bus with the group, distribute some appropriate information and make a few announcements regarding the trip. Once at the hotel, our ELG Tour & Activity Directors, will give you your weekend assignments, which includes working the on-site activities and accompany buses to various off-site activities throughout the weekend. Sunday night you and the group return back home.

Sounds like a lot of responsibility, will I have any time to myself?
You bet! You will have plenty of time to network, party, participate in other Endless Activities and have the opportunity to enjoy spending time with the groups…and, all of this is for free!

Do we get paid for the weekend?
As a Check-In Coordinator you will not get paid monetarily. However, in return for your services you receive the weekend with all the amenities for FREE that a paying passenger enjoys ($350+ value).

Can I bring a friend?
Yes, if that friend attends the Tour Staff Training. We can schedule you to the same hotel so you can be together for the weekend, but you must both be guiding different buses to/ from the hotel location.

Do I have to work a specific number of weekends?
No, you let us know which weekends you are available to work and we will get you away on a trip. You get to choose which weekends you can work according to your schedule. Dates of our weekends are located on our website and shared at the training.

Will being a Check-In Coordinator interfere with my full-time job?
That, of course, depends on your work hours for your job. Buses generally depart between the hours of 2:00-6:00pm on Friday, and begin travel home on Sunday at 5:00pm, arriving back at the original pick up location about 3-5 hours later.

Do you have pick up locations from my area?
Yes, we run trips from many different areas and should have a trip leaving from or close to your home or office. The most popular departure cities are NYC, Philadelphia, NJ, Baltimore, DC. We also have departures from VA, MA, CT, DE, and PA suburbs.

Does it cost any money to join your staff?
You must purchase a basic uniform including a staff shirt and name tag. This cost is under $65 and is fully refundable if you work a total of 4 weekends.

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